Systems developed specifically for furniture retailers with direct integration with many of the leading stock systems & existing or new store websites.
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X-Margin is the core system that stores use to build & maintain full supplier product catalogues. X-Margin will typically import entire catalogues within a few seconds, it can update existing data when there’s a supplier price increase and preserve various back office SKU’s & additional product web data you’ve previously appended. You can realistically expect to speed up your catalogue creation & maintenance by 100 times as demonstrated through the above links. You can attach limitless other detail to a supplier product, including descriptions, bullets, prices, images, swatches, price affecting options and more. You manipulate your margin across ranges, suppliers or even the entire store with just a few button clicks. Prices are trimmed and rounded to your own rule set. Full catalogues are then exported to different back office systems for instant import & automated update. The same data is then transformed at the point of export to be more suited to websites, showing full product options and price affecting options to any level through a unique option-engine supplied for your web company to use within your own site. Resulting in substantial savings in website development costs. As a user or member of the dev-group, you simply pay a fixed subscription and the furniture software vaults open up for you to use at will. No ‘User’ licences, no support fees, no training fees. I listen to what different stores would like to see within the systems, consider it, write it and the new feature simply becomes part of the system suite at no extra cost to you. The next page shows the system flow with actual short demonstration videos available to watch through the above links.
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